Dubai was our first trip of 2021 and our first time visiting since the pandemic. Despite the new rules and regulations, we had an amazing time and made new friends. I want to share with you some helpful tips and information for traveling here in 2021. We will discuss popular Dubai activities as well as safety, flying requirements, and the airport experience.


Before deciding to travel, we researched any restrictions and flying requirements for USA travelers. Travelers are required to present a physical copy of a negative PCR COVID-19 exam taken within 72 hours of their flight. Once travelers landed in Dubai, they would be required to take another test and wait at a hotel until cleared. To ensure the least risk to our flight, we decided to fly with Emirates Airlines which is the world’s first airline to provide travel insurance to all flyers. If using a different airline, you can purchase additional travel insurance for about $15.


The checkin and security process at the airport was lengthy but a smooth process. We provided them with our negative PCR test as well as other routine documents. We arrived at Dubai Airport and went through the normal arrival process. Contrary to what we were told, we didn’t need to complete an additional COVID-19 test and were able to go out immediately after landing.


Now for the fun part! Once we arrived at our hotel, we got ready and headed out to Ce La Vi rooftop. We quickly realized that Dubai is taking social distancing regulations very seriously and you need a reservation to go anywhere. Since there are limited tables, it is important to plan your trip and make reservations in advance. 

How should I dress?

Dubai dress code can create a bit of a culture clash, especially for women. It is a very conservative country and I would recommend modest fashion choices for ladies. However, if you’re going to a lounge or rooftop feel free to bring out the heels and going out clothes. At the end of the day, you can generally wear what you want but be prepared for death stares if you go overboard. 



  1. Desert Tour
  2. Luxury yacht tour
  3. Dubai mall & fountain 
  4. Gold souk & markets
  5. Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club polo match
  6. Sunset beach Dubai 
  7. Skydive Dubai
  8. Visit the Burj Khalifa 
  9. Jet skiing, parasailing and flyboard experience 
  10. Dubai lost chambers aquarium 
  11. Dubai Golf club


  1. Buddha-Bar
  2. Nusr-et Dubai 
  3. La Petite Maison
  4. Nobu Dubai
  5. Zheng He’s
  6. Pier 7 Dubai Marina 
  7. Saya Cafe 
  8. Dinner in the sky 
  9. Bagatelle Dubai 


  1. Soho beach club 
  2. Nikki beach Dubai 
  3. Paradise Beach
  4. White Beach Club 
  5. Drift Beach Dubai 
  6. Azure Beach Club 
  7. Zero Gravity Dubai 
  8. Beach by Five 

lounges | rooftops

  1. The Penthouse Dubai 
  2. White Dubai 
  3. 1Oak Dubai 
  4. Nargui 5 Dubai 
  5. Ce’ La Vi

Instagramable Locations

  • Emerald palace entrance & fountains 
  • Visit Burj Park (sculpture with wings)
  • Atlantis the palm- lost chambers aquarium 
  • Jumeirah Public beach (view of burj al Arab)
  • Desert