What’s it like living in the city that never sleeps? It’s this energy—one of hope and ambition; the feeling that anything is possible—that make you fall in love with New York.

Check out the latest on cars, events, and rallies. From the famous Times Square rallies where tens of exotics shut down the streets to the race tracks of Monticello Motor Club.

Your guide to the latest 2020 fashion trends and deals! We’ll discuss the best places to shop online and outfit inspiration for virtual meetings in your apartment and the weekly fashion show at your local trader joe’s. 


Doing your best to be physically, mentally and emotionally heathy is so important, especially in 2020. Check out these yummy healthy recipes and quick home workouts!

A bowl of food on top of a table.
15 JUNE, 2021

Let’s talk shoes! Are Christian Louboutin shoes worth the hype? Also, what can i do to make my shoes more comfortable?

07 JUNE, 20201

They call it “the miracle morning”. I was introduced to this concept by Hal Elrod and it can truly change your life!

07 JUNE, 20201

Checkout my Amazon lists for online deals and finds! Lists included Airbnb, technology and vacation must haves.