I spent all summer 2018 watching shows and movies based in NYC to prepare for my new life in Manhattan. I finally watched Sex & the City and decided I would be the modern, slightly improved Carrie Bradshaw. Yes, I’m being very serious haha.


I was living in Albany at the time and couldn’t wait to leave. I made the decision to stay here after graduating to save money, network and build my business. I knew it would be less competitive and less expensive to do this here, but it wasn’t easy. All my friends graduated and moved away and I had no family there. I was alone most of the time but I believe this pushed me to work even harder with zero distractions. After about three years, I built two successful real estate companies and generated enough income to move to Manhattan comfortably.   


Living in Manhattan was literally everything I dreamed of. I’ve been all around the world but there’s nowhere like New York City. There’s an energy about this city that makes you feel alive and like anything’s possible. I’ve met so many amazing people and had the most wonderful experiences. The shopping is iconic and I’m guilty of spending more than my fair share of time on 5th ave. The restaurant options, endless! The nightlife and bar scene were a blast! The architecture and design is simply breathtaking. No matter what your interests are, there’s always something to do. Also, I’ve noticed that if you play your cards right, life in NYC is not too far fetched from what you see in movies and television.


A city skyline with skyscrapers and buildings.
9 NOVember, 2020

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12 NOVEMBER, 2020

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15 NOVEMBER, 2020

This year, the city that never sleeps, took a power nap. Let’s talk about what life here today is like.