A row of suitcases and backpacks sitting on the floor.

Always make sure to search for flights and hotels using an incognito or private window. This prevents travel sites from storing your search history and charging you higher prices. Once they realize that you’re consistently searching for the same flights or same destination, they may display higher prices due to the demand. With private browsing, you can guarantee that you’re always getting the cheapest deals.

  1. Google Flights 
  2. Skyscanner 
  3.  Kiwi

Although it isn’t proven, I found that Tuesday and Wednesday are typically the best day to book. Also, you want to book late at night and avoid 9 AM- 5 PM when everyone else is looking. 

I would recommend making a copy of all important documents. Also, make a list of things you need prior to packing so you don’t miss anything. 


When packing your suitcase, practice the rolling method. Your suitcase will be far more organized and you’ll save tons of space. 

This last tip is optional. If you’re interested in budgeting while on your trip, I would recommend renting a car. After you pick up your car, the first stop should be the grocery store. Transportation and dining are the main expenses and this helps bring it down tremendously. 



This is something I started doing recently and it has saved me so much money. I purchase fresh fruits, water and other easy prep items so there is always something to eat at hotel or airbnb. I basically eliminated paying for breakfast and go out to eat for lunch and dinner. Plus, its really nice waking up and having something to eat instead of getting ready, ordering food and waiting for it to arrive.